"kicked outta choir"

Chicago's "Not Just Another 80's Band" 80's Band

Kicked Outta Choir is a Chicago-area, Female Fronted “All 80’s” cover band representing the diverse mix of the many musical genres and artists that made the 1980’s one of the greatest music decades of all time. But, don’t call them “Just Another 80’s band”. 

The 80’s represented a time when fashion and music dared to be different. Similarly, Kicked Outta Choir prides itself in being a “little different” from 80’s cover bands. Their song selections, band  image and live show all represent that desire to be different. Kicked Outta Choir chose their name to pay tribute to everyone who has ever been “kicked out” of something because they were told they weren’t good enough or didn’t fit in. 

From high energy dance tunes to arena rock anthems, quirky pop gems to synthesizer heavy new wave hits, KOC audiences often feel like they are scanning the FM radio dial sometime between 1980 and 1989 and can’t get enough. Kicked Outta Choir shows have a fast-paced unpredictability that leaves audiences wondering what will be coming next. The band is known for abruptly switching genres, so an upbeat Prince or Michael Jackson dance hit can quickly transition to a heart pounding Billy Idol rocker to a moody  alternative classic. You just never know, but one thing for sure is each KOC show is full of Classic MTV era memories. 

Kicked Outta Choir specializes in what they call “Forgotten Favorites”– hit 80’s songs that do not get much attention today on radio or from other cover bands. KOC audiences are delightfully surprised to hear these songs that they may not have heard in years or even decades.  Add in some one-hit-wonders, 80's movie songs, 80's re-treads of  all time classics and you have a fun show filled with memories and  timeless music. 

To Kicked Outta Choir it’s about more than just the music of the 80’s, it’s about precious memories from a time before You Tube, the Internet or even Cell Phones. Every Kicked Outta Choir show is a celebration of the songs that played in the background of all those great memories and the fun of hearing those songs again.